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July 24, 2020
Why event planner is important?

When holding an event of any kind, proper planning is crucial to ensure its success. Everyone wants their events to run smoothly, and using an events management company can help to reduce stress and enable the organizers to enjoy their day or night. When planning events some people think, “Hey, I can do this by myself! It can’t be that hard.”

That is, until they start trying to plan the event and realize that it is not as easy as it looks. Firstly, having an event coordinator or planner saves time. Planning an event is a full-time job, and most people are already working full-time, and have many other obligations including their families to attend to. It is simply unrealistic to pile the task of planning an entire event on to your already fully loaded day.

We, professional event planner can also help you to save unnecessary expenses of money while planning event. While some people may think that they will save money by doing everything themselves, or dealing with vendors directly, these professionals can help you to avoid making mistakes that cost you a lot of money in the long run. Having an event planner is simply a smart decision. Our team specializes in everything from events set ups to royal weddings or luxurious corporate events in Dang, Kathmandu and other main city like Pokhara, Butwal, Chitwan. Our planners will make sure that your event goes well, and according to schedule; they will even ensure that everything is cleaned and packed up after the event. Our team will take the stress of planning away from you, allowing you to enjoy your special event. Shubha Awasar is the best choice for every Nepalese event to make feel them satisfied. Shubha Awasar can organize everything that has to be done when organizing an event; these things take a lot of time, and usually multiple people, to get various tasks done. Professional event planners have a long list of tips, tricks, and resources under their sleeves that they have developed through years of experience and practice.

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Apr 26, 2020
How to manage the event in effective cost

Events serve an important business purpose. They help to establish a brand, market products, and customer satisfaction, gain clientele, raise funds, and increase owns morale. Luckily, as important as events are, they don’t have to break the bank.

There are many ways to plan and conduct event in effective cost. Here are some final event ideas to cut the budget even further: From invitations to event promotion, use social media instead of paper. Most everyone is on social media, so meet them where they are. Consider unconventional venues. It adds an element of surprise and can be quite cost-effective. Instead of hosting a staff luncheon at an expensive restaurant, try a venue that’s free, such as a park for a picnic or rent an Airstream trailer for a retro-themed luncheon.

And also you may intuitively think that a customized event theme is costly. However, themes actually narrow down choices for catering and decorating. A theme not only makes the event less expensive by avoiding decoration overload, it also creates a more cohesive guest experience. It’s important to satisfy guests’ five senses at any event. With a theme, an event planner can determine the most effective, yet least expensive way to do that. By keeping the catering cost down one can smoothly conduct event. Food and drink lie at the core of a positive guest experience.

That’s why you never want to run out! The first key is to keep them in track. Choosing an appropriate menu where guests can have fun interacting with each other while creating their own concoctions is more effective than unnecessary menus. You can still offer very serious services, but you have to be human. And sometimes, that’s difficult to do. But good design and good humor can go a long way. Plan your event layout by diagramming it with free space planning software with the help of event planner. Using imagination to find innovative solutions to budget restrictions not only helps the business’ bottom line, it demonstrates the talents of the event planner. Make this known to the powers that be!

Remember, stretching your budget is great, but having a big budget is even better.

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